Tbh, I've had a very great week learning DevOps. Am I too excited or is this how it feels to be happy? I really want to venture into DevOps full time and probably decline offers ( except a few from people I hold in high regards).

I mean, I have an interview with Google next year, I could study hard to ace it but I want to focus more on DevOps - Cloud engineering. I'm confused, I can do both, I'll do both.

Do both ?

Uhm. The Google interview requires me to study hard and solve data structures and algorithmic questions. On the other hand, my heart is at DevOps..

What do I do? Idk. I'll just try to balance my activities, and study for both accurately. I mean, if I focus more on the algorithms and data structure, and leave what my heart truly want, I'll never be contented, fulfilled and satisfied.

I have a habit of making sure I do things I love, irrespective of how hard it might be. Although a tech expert & a personal mentor, Edem, helped clarify basically that every aspect of tech has its uses and that's actually true. It is ideal to have both knowledge, how do I manage the mental stress & burden doing both brings? How am I sure I'm not being partial to any of the study?

It's not like I'm very good at data structures and algorithms per se, truth be told, I'm really not good at many things. I'm just a smart ass that's able to manipulate things to get what he wants.

So why not use your "smartness" ?

Idk. I'm confused lol. I think what I lack is confidence, and the subsequent fear of "what if I don't do well ?".. I know it's normal to have these fears but, omo, I can't manage all these emotions in my small brain. Welp.

I can only just build my confidence over time and my skills. Interview is temporary, the skill is permanent.

Idk, I'm just here writing things as they flow from my head. It might not make much sense but I hope to come back to this post and laugh at my old personality that lacked confidence.