I'm an author now.

Dancing without manners

In August 2021, I wrote on my blog that I was writing a book on building web APIs with FastAPI. I have written this follow-up blog post informing you that I have completed my debut book.

O porrr, my author

Pls, I saw shege while writing this book. I've been writing technical articles and documentation for four years, and I kid you not, writing a book isn't as straightforward as a technical article.


I'm a skilled technical writer, and I wrote most of my published articles you see on the internet in half an hour to an hour. Indeed, I thought it'd be the same for the book, but I was wrong. I spent days writing a paragraph - ridiculous.

The timeline for this book was five months from September, but I wrote the last draft on the ninth month from the initial draft submission date.

It's a wonderful process.


The editorial team is the best I've worked with in an extended period ( the best remains Matt from LogRocker ). Mostly, the editor's feedback is just style fixes, suggestions and minor details, and for a first-time author, it's an exciting feat for me.


What the book covers

In bullet points, this is what the book covers:

How about you find out in-depth what the book covers by getting the book?

Getting the book

After all my wahala and sleepless nights, I think it's just proper that you get the book and read it. Sapa ti hook mi atm so I mean, mo le lo some money.

Translation: I'm currently being held hostage by the lack of money. Some money won't be wrong.

The book becomes available to the public from the 29th of July and can be purchased as either an eBook or paperback on Amazon.

I'm happy to sign your paperback copies if you get them :D.


I want to say thank you to:

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